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Viale Alcide de Gasperi 7

Bergamo, 24047


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Rent on Booking Rent Holiday.
With Booking Rent Holidey it's easy to make money, in other words regardless of the type of home or room you want to share, the attention to your product will be the same.

How the service works and why it can help you:
Open and close your structure:
Regardless of the time of year when you are, we give you all the freedom as a proprietary agent to open or close your sales structure, when you want, so you will have the possibility to manage any of your attendance.

Receive reservations:
If you want to receive bookings only in the summer or on weekends only, with it is possible. You can decide when to open your structure and welcome guests, and you can also ENTRUST THE ENTIRE GESTINES.

Synchronization of publications:
By using your properties are also published as owner agents and synced in addition 150 holiday home rental platforms, so you get the most out of your hotel, calendars are synchronized via our booking enginering software.

in conclusion it is important to know that you will get PRESENCE ON FACEBOOK, GOOGLE MORE, YOU TUBE, AND MANY OTHER SOCIALS ".
Do you still have doubts? Find out more about registration, commission and more on how we work.
Prices and commissions
Our pricing model is based on the idea that the customer has to pay the right price for the service.
We do not add any extra cost per surprise, so your property can have competitive prices and attract more guests.
8% Management, publication and indexing of your booking synchronized calendar.
18% Management of all PMS -Pro services "
21% Management of all PMS -Pro + services Total management Check-in Check-out and Cleaning "
Therefore, to find out more, contact our staff. CONTACT


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