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Guide for renters

Is it the first time that you rent a property directly from the owner?

In this section you can find clarifications to the doubts that may arise when renting a holiday home with To get your questions answered, contact us.

Following the advice you will get directly from our staff for free, and using a little common sense, you will be well on your way to making a completely secure booking.


The security of the site is totally tested by Tim Booking rent Holiday so your credentials are totally safe


Traveling at times is dangerous and being in difficult situations is easy, with Booking Rent Holiday this is not possible as Tim has created a safe and tested portal for comparing the prices of Hotels, Apartments, Villas, B & Bs and all the houses holiday.

with over 17.747,002 facilities offered by the most popular web portals Booking Rent Holiday offers you security, price and comfort in a single package.

For additional information contact the Free Service Staff for you.

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